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Inventory IndexCutting Tools → Drills

14pt DotAll Drill Bits (listed by size)

14x30 DashCarbide
14x30 DashCobalt
14x30 DashHSS
14x30 DashUnknown material

14x30 DashCenter Drill

14x30 DashIndexable

14x30 DashSpade (Holders and Blades)

14x30 DashSpotting

14x30 DashTanged Shank
14x30 DashTapered Shank
14x30 DashThreaded Shank

14x30 DashWood Bits
75 pixel space Note: If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact me.
115 pixel space Thank you for Shopping 14 pt. 75 pixel space Steve (aka Griz)
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